Custom Made Crafts For The Little Ones

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About Dad

Our Commitment and Creativity

If you were wondering who is behind and why we have chosen this name here is a small introduction.

When I chose the name for our little workshop it came so naturally. We never called

a handyman to our house to fix anything. Even when Dad was wearing a suit and doing a completely different job, he always loved tools.
And even better when he could share the love with his big brother - the other Dad, he has all the help he needs.


How We Started ?

Some things happen by chance, or by luck, or by a few good decisions in the right time ...this is how #madebydad was born.


In the time of the biggest fail of nature and universe we have witnessed, we made our decision to go for what we love. To put our blood,

sweat and tears in it (literally) and not to look back!

Now here we are, blooming where we were planted.



We are happy to answer any more questions you might have.

Everything you see is made by hand, we work hard and with

a lot of love to be part of your home!

So thank you for letting us in 🥰

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